Sunday, March 9, 2014

Cool Runnings!

Clare decided to run the Allen Eagle race about a month ago.  She signed up for the Fun Run and Casey signed up for the 5k.  Thus, the training began.  Sometimes, they went out alone, but sometimes we all went.

And sometimes, she felt better than others after she was done.

When the race week was upon us, Clare and Casey set out one afternoon and knocked out a mile and half.  She knew she was golden then!

It was a nice morning.  Cool, but not freezing.  Clare was excited!  The other kids and I were there to cheer her on!

And they're off! 

Almost done!

I am so proud of her for deciding to do something and sticking with it.  And I can't say enough about Casey always being willing to "train" with her.

She's got her sights on the 5k next year!  And I think she's convinced her sisters to give the Fun Run a shot!

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chelsea said...

I love this! This will serve Claire so well in life! Tell her I want to run with her sometime.