Sunday, March 30, 2014

Celebrate Good Times!

We had a fun weekend celebrating Clare.  We started with her "friend" party at Painting With a Twist.  Clare picked the "Neon Owl" to paint, and she was very excited to get started.

Clare had five friends join her, along with her sisters and Brody.  The teacher walked them through every step of the painting, and the kids followed along.

Everyone did a great job!  They all turned out so cute!


We did cupcakes and presents, and then it was time to head to the family party!

We had the family over for a fiesta to celebrate Clare. 

We were joined by Nathan, Megan, Brody, LoLo and Pop, Deedee and Papaw, Emmy, Grandad and Morgan. It was a fun evening with lots of people who love Clare!

We had lots of Mexican food, and then it was finally time for Clare to open presents! 

She got so much great stuff.  Her big gifts from Casey and I were getting her ears pierced and getting her first pedicure! When she opened the letter about her ears, she was so surprised!


Man, I love a good surprise gift!

Clare requested an ice cream cake with white cake and mint chocolate chip ice cream, so that's what I made her!

Today was her actual birthday, and we had to make good on her gifts.  After church and lunch, we headed to Claire's to get my birthday girl's ears pierced!  She did so great!  She picked out little silver stars, and she is very proud of her new ears!

 Our last birthday outing was for a pedicure. I was happy to join her for that! While we were there, she said, "this is so relaxing!" 

 It was a fun, busy, exciting weekend celebrating Clare.  I had so much fun with her, and I think #8 was a good one! (And you better believe her sisters are ready to be 8!!!!)

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