Tuesday, February 25, 2014


 I think there are so many cool things about having twins.  And of course, my twins are the coolest of them all.  :)

Jane is still a sweet, tender soul.  Rarely does a day go by, that she doesn't bring me a picture with a heart and an "I love you" on it.  She has made some good friends in her class, ALWAYS follows the rules...at school, and her reading has really taken off!

She needs more sleep than Sydney, and when she doesn't get it, the whining really kicks in.  At times, she needs a little nudge in the independence area, but she is such a great helper to me and a great sister to her siblings!

Sydney is a riot.  She is witty, fearless, and independent.  She is a natural born leader who sometimes thinks she is bigger than she really is!  Sydney is my social butterfly who rarely tires.  Sydney has done great in school this year.  I knew she would love the social aspect, but I am thrilled that she seems to love the learning part also!  This little blondie occasionally struggles with a sassy attitude and pushing people's buttons.  She constantly makes me laugh, and is such a fun kid!

 I love, love, love these two, and I hope they always know how special they are!

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