Saturday, February 1, 2014

Rock On!

Brody turned six, and we got to celebrate with him at his rock climbing party.  My girls had attempted rock climbing before, but it had been a while.  They took to it like champs yesterday!

There were several different spots to climb...some using a rope and some were 'free climbs!"  The free climb led to a fun slide, so there was lots of motivation to get to the top.  Pop was the official spotter at that station!

Everyone tried all of the spots....and I mean everyone!


There was no way Graham wasn't going to give it a go!  He tried the 'free climb' and the one with the rope.  (Forgive my lack of technical terms!)


The girls did awesome. Syd made it to the top on her first climb. 

There goes Miss Jane!

I should've gotten a picture of my kids with Brody, but the afternoon got away from me.  It was a super fun party!
Happy birthday to Brody!

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