Sunday, January 26, 2014

Graham at Almost Three!

Graham is three months shy of being three!  He will tell you "I'm gonna be three!"  

He is a funny little guy!  He is very independent, always wanting to do things on his own. He spends so much time upside down...headstands all the time!

Graham LOVES his Daddy.  Casey leaves for work before Graham is up in the morning.  Every morning  when I go in to get him, Graham starts crying, saying "I want Daddy!"  Really makes a mama feel good! :)  

He is a good eater, great sleeper, and he loves to be outside.  I think he definitely misses his sisters while they are at school, but I enjoy my one on one time with him. He does not enjoy going to his class at church, but I'm hoping time will help him feel more comfortable!

Graham is the sweetest little guy, and I can't believe his third birthday is around the corner!

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