Monday, December 16, 2013

Scenes From The Season

December always brings with it lots of activities!  Here is a glimpse into what we have been up to so far this month!

We celebrated these two turning six!

We were sad that the ice got our big backyard tree.  You can see Sydney is really upset.

Graham got his first "real" haircut.....his first haircut that we have paid for, at least!

Jane lost her two front teeth!  Perfect timing!  Sing with me now...."All I want for Christmas...."

We made cinnamon snowflakes out of tortillas!

And we've been trying to keep up with Frank's latest antics!

Last night we had the privelege of watching Clare in her Christmas musical, We Three Spies.

They have been rehearsing since October, and she was so excited for her big show.  She was a "Christmas Intelligence Kid."


and an angel!

 She did a a great job!  Our super awesome neighbors even came to watch the show!  They were all being "spy-ish."

December is always packed full of lots of fun stuff!  Here's to the second half of the month!

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