Sunday, December 8, 2013

Calling All Happy Campers

It's a campfire party!  Unfortunately, this campfire party fell on the iciest weekend we've seen in a long time!  Oh well, the party must go on!

The girls drew the picture for the invitation, and I added all of the party details on top of it!  

Jane and Sydney knew that everyone wouldn't be able to make it to the party due to the weather, but they were still excited.  

These four had a bit of cabin fever, I think!

When the guests arrived, we started by making bug jars.  The kids decorated the jars with paint pens.

Then it was time for a hot dog picnic on the blankets.  In my original plan, we were going to do all of this outside, but Mother Nature had a different plan!

We made s'mores outside by the fire, and then headed inside for another craft.  This time we made pine cone Christmas tree ornaments.

We had campfire cake and ice cream!

And then we headed upstairs to the tent in the toy room to open presents.

We passed out party favors, and everyone headed home.  The girls were still excited because that meant it was time for grandparent presents!  

Despite the weather, we had a great time.  I couldn't help but wonder if we should've gone with a Frozen themed party?!?!

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