Thursday, October 10, 2013

Graham, Before and After

Look at this sweet face! 


Nary a scratch on it.

These pictures were taken last week by Deedee.   They were out throwing rocks and splashing in puddles.  Not a care in the world.


Graham is such a happy, laid-back kid.  I love his easygoing personality.  

While pretty easygoing, he definitely has an adventurous spirit.  Yesterday his quest for adventure got the best of him.  During a jump off the window seat, he somehow hit his face....right by his eye.

Here is the result:

Ouch.  He got it good.
The swelling is going down, but I have a feeling it will be black and blue for weeks.

Did I mention we were supposed to take family pictures on Saturday?  Of course!
 Thankfully, this little injury isn't really slowing him down.  He even felt like rolling out his own pizza dough at our neighbor's house!

Here's hoping it won't be too long before we see this face again!

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