Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Main Man!

Graham and I are having a big time hanging together while the girls are in school!  Here are a few pictures I have snapped with my phone.

We have just barely dipped our toes in the potty training world. I need to buckle down, spend a few days, and get it done.  Soon enough.   lt should be remembered that he calls these his "batman panties."  The trials and tribulations of having three sisters.

We went to pick up some football tickets and came across a practice field.  Graham ran for about 200 yards on that thing!  He loved it!

He is such a happy little guy.  Sure, he throws his two-year-old fit, but most of the time, he is such a joy!

While I am always ready to go pick up the girls, I am loving the time with my boy!

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