Monday, August 19, 2013

The Summer of 2013

 Teacher cards came in the mail today, an event that tells me that the summer of 2013 is drawing to a close.  In the future, when I think back on this particular summer, I will remember a few things.

1.  High School Musical.  Even though we are about eight years behind the trend, I let my girls watch this movie last spring.  To say they liked it would be the biggest understatement of the year.  They, especially Clare, were obsessed with all things HSM this summer.  Obsessed, I tell you.

2.  The summer of 2013 also brought with it fun days at the pool again.  My girls are all good swimmers, and Graham wore his puddle jumper with no problem, so I was able to take them to the pool and actually enjoy being there.

3.  Messiness.  I found it virtually impossible to keep the house clean this summer.  The kids were always home!  They made messes faster than I could clean them up.  Maybe it's their ages, maybe is my lack of a good strategy, maybe it's both?

4. Painting!  Casey decided to paint the inside of our house, and while it is a slow project, he is doing a great job.  Trust me that he always has plenty of helpers.


5. We had two great family vacations this summer.  Sea World and Colorado were both fun escapes from the normal grind.

The summer of 2013 was a great one, but now it's time to sharpen our pencils and get ready for a new school year!

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