Monday, August 26, 2013

F.D.O.S. x Three

How is it possible that "my three girls" have all started school?

Everyone was excited to start.  Sydney came downstairs last night at 11:00 and asked how many more hours she had to sleep until school started.

Jane and Sydney are in separate classes again this year.  Since they were separated last year, it seems like a non-issue.  They eat lunch at the same time, and they have recess together.

Jane had a great day.  She likes her teacher, and said she met a few new friends.  She also kept raising her hand tonight at home.  Guess the classroom rules really made an impression!

According to Sydney, she also had a great first day....minus some 'new shoe blisters.'  She has lots of neighborhood friends in her class, and she walked right in with no problem. 

My big second grader reported a good day as well!  The details from her day were slower to trickle out, and I think I will continue to hear about second grade throughout the week.

I am so thrilled everyone had a good day, and that everyone seems excited to go back tomorrow.  I am also so thrilled that I still have this little guy at home to keep me company!

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