Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Graham is 26 months old. 

He is quite the ham.  He loves to put on a "show" and have all (familiar) eyes on him.  He dances, jumps around, runs laps and does "the robot!"  He enjoys puzzles, books, sports, and being outside.

He is a busy little dude who spends his days tagging along to his sister's activities.  It is amazing the stuff he has done at the ripe age of two.....Sea World, movies...all stuff I never would have dreamed of taking Clare to at that age, but the situations are different!  We recently took the family to see Monsters University.  Although it didn't seem like Graham paid too much attention, he has certainly taking a liking to Mike and Sully.  How could I resist these socks?

While Graham is usually happy and laid back, he is asserting his two year old self a bit more!  He likes to do things by himself ("me do it") and on his own terms.  He desperately wants to do the things his sisters do ("me go too!"), but he just isn't quite big enough for everything that entails yet.   He has recently developed this new 'tight upper lip smile', and he shows it off quite frequently.

 He is still so snugly at bedtime.  He loves to read books and then he curls up in my arms for a song or two.  I know those times will be gone before long, and I am trying to enjoy every minute

The girls love Graham to pieces.  They are really so good to him.  Recently, Clare said, "I am so glad I have a little brother."  I think the rest of us would agree. 

On another note....Happy Birthday Casey!

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