Friday, July 5, 2013

Fun on the Fourth

We had a fun Fourth with LoLo, Pop, Mamma, Nathan, Megan and Brody!

Mamma had special shirts made for her grant-grandchildren that say "My Mamma loves me to the moon and back."  So, of course, we needed a picture!  I think we got a good one!

We did some swimming and enjoyed lots of good food, including some fun drinks!

Graham spent most of his time near the chips and dips (which explains why he didn't eat any dinner!)


Brody and Sydney are two peas in a pod.  They have a great time together.

An unexpected part of our holiday....Jane pulled her tooth!  This is the third one she has lost.

This is how our kids will know that we love them.....we agreed to participate in a parade around the house.  Clare, of course, served as the parade marshall as we marched around, waved our flags, and followed her direction!

Then we headed to fireworks!

Food, family, fireworks....a fun Fourth!

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