Monday, May 20, 2013

My Blue

Graham has numerous pretend golf clubs.  We have quite an assortment around here, including red, blue and green plastic clubs.   But none were the real deal.  Enter Grandad (Casey's Dad).  He decided that Graham needed a real club that was just his size.

So he cut a regular-sized club down to Graham's size, put a new blue grip on it, and made one happy boy. 

Graham has taken to calling it "my blue."  More accurately "ma boo."  He knows that Casey has a club with a blue grip also.  Graham refers to that as "Dada bu."  He talks about it all of the time, and it is his go-to activity.   He plays indoors, outdoors, anywhere and everywhere.  I know that I should make him take it outside, but it's so nice that he will play independently with it inside.

Casey might be enjoying the new club as well!

Many thanks to Scotty!


Grandad said...

SO glad he's enjoying it. I figured he would lose interest before the grip dried. When he breaks something with it just consider it a management fee for his 509 plan.

Grandad said...

oops. I meant 529 College Savings Plan. I'm feeling a scholarship!