Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day Tea

The girls and I decided to host a Mother's Day Tea/Luncheon to honor all of our grandmas.  When I pitched the idea to the girls, they were immediately on board.  They were hands-on in all of the planning and execution.  They helped get the table all ready, made place cards, and lots of other decorations!

My little ladies dressed in their tea party finest!

Probably not the best etiquette, but the girls were staring out the window waiting for our guests to  arrive!  They had assigned each other roles.  Sydney answered the door, saying "Welcome to the tea party.  Lady Jane will help you to your seat."  :-)

We hosted Emmy,


and LoLo.

I have to hand it to my mom and mothers-in law....they will embrace a theme.  They each came decked out for the occasion.

The girls and I served lunch and almond tea.  The girls enjoyed drinking tea with their pinkies up!

Except for one minor fruit kabob incident, the girls acted like little ladies. 

Thanks to all of the grandmas for coming to the first (annual?) Mother's Day Tea!  I hope you know 
how much we appreciate all that you do for us!


Deedee said...

It was a wonderful tea party hosted by the finest of young ladies. I'm all in for this to be an annual event !!

Monica said...

So cute!