Thursday, May 2, 2013

Let's Have a Ball!

Graham's birthday fell the day after we returned from our trip, so we hosted a family party that evening.

We played, had dinner, and opened presents.  He scored lots of great loot!

This train table was made by Scotty, and Graham is loving playing with all of his Thomas trains!

He has mastered "flying" around in his new "caped" t-shirt!

His first scooter!

He had PLENTY of help opening all of his presents!

Graham was so fun to watch open presents.  He would open one, and then just want to play with it.  We had to coax him back to center stage to open the rest of them.  He seemed to love everything he got!

Next up, cake time!  We went with a very loose sports theme...mainly because I knew a baseball cake would be an easy one to make!

Graham did better with his cake this year.....

than he did last year!


We are so thankful for all of our family who helped celebrate with Graham!

It was a low-key affair, but I think that Graham knew we were all together to celebrate him!

How is he already two???

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