Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Break Staycation

We decided to lay low this spring break and just do a few things around town.  Casey took a few days off work, and we taught the kids the meaning of a "staycation!"

First up, picking out new swimsuits.  This has been a much anticipated activity, and the girls picked out really cute suits....after trying on two million!

I know this picture is blurry, but how sweet that when I told Jane and Sydney to pose for a picture, they grabbed hands!

On Saturday, we put those suits to good use and headed up to the natatorium and swam the afternoon away.   The kids love swimming, and they enjoyed doing it at this unexpected time!

We also filled our days with fun things like root beer floats and playing with shaving cream....an old but favorite activity.

On Sunday night, we let the girls stay up super late and played a lot of games.  The girls are at great ages for game play, and I think they felt "big" staying up later later than Graham.

Our big activity for Monday night was CAMPING!  We set up the tent in the backyard, and you would've thought that we set up a giant bouce house.  They were going crazy!

Graham enjoyed playing in the tent even though he had no idea what was coming that night!

We did the whole shebang...cooked hot dogs outside, had a campfire,  and made s'mores, 

and then snuggled in for the night!

 It was cold!  The girls did great.  Graham did pretty well until about 4, and then he was done.  Casey  took him inside to the warm bed....it didn't take much convincing him!  The girls and I stuck it out and finished the night!  It was fun, and I think it might become a tradition!

Our final fun activity before Daddy has to return to work was playing miniature golf.  It was a beautiful day, and it was nice to be outside.  

This was how Graham spent most of the afternoon....putting his ball in the hole and taking others out!

I think the girls had fun, but I am not sure we have any professional golfers in our future!  

I think Casey was slightly disturbed when he heard Syd say "Hey, where's my hitter?"  talking about her golf club!

It was a nice afternoon, but I think we will wait a while before we go again.  I think will be a little easier when our kids get a little older.
We have had a fun, busy Spring Break so far....and it's only half over!  I love having my kids home from school, and getting Casey home too is icing on the cake!

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