Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pancakes and Pajamas, Seven Year Old Style

When discussing birthday themes, pancakes and pajamas came up. Jane and Sydney celebrated with a pancake and pajama party when they turned four. Clare liked the theme, but wanted to make sure it was "Seven Year Old Style" so we added some peace signs and neon! She also wanted to invite only seven year old girls...she is getting quite particular in her old age!

The kids were all in their pajamas and they were ready for guests to arrive!  Even though Jane, Sydney and Graham aren't  seven, they got to participate...Mama's rules!

First up, the girls made fruit loop necklaces!  

They really got into it and made some really long necklaces

and crowns!

Then, it was time to eat.  We had blueberry, chocolate chip, and plain pancakes. 

 For her birthday cake, Clare decided to have monkey bread, which worked perfectly with this theme.  

Then it was time to decorate pillowcases.  We had pillowcases with "Sweet Dreams" and a peace sign printed on them to color.  
The girls worked so hard on these.  I was really impressed!

Here is Clare's creation.

Next up, it was time for presents.  Clare got some great gifts, and she was genuinely excited about all of them.

The girls wandered upstairs and sang karaoke, but not just the girls!

We had a sweet group of girls over who were all so well-behaved. 

Everyone took their party favors and headed home.  It was a super fun party that I think Clare enjoyed.

 Clare isn't officially seven until next weekend, and I am holding on to every last day!

Next up, the family party!

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