Sunday, February 10, 2013

Going Under

Sydney and Jane underwent a minor surgical procedure on Friday.  The girls had tubes put in when they were one year old.  Each girl had one tube that had not yet fallen out.  So, they had to do a a quick little surgery where the tube was removed and the hole was closed with some skin from the belly button.  

The girls did so great.  Oddly enough, I think they were a little excited about the whole deal....especially when they scored new stickers, teddy bears, and coloring books. 

Even though they are a big five years old, they still looked pretty small in those beds!

Everything went great.  They were, of course, a little groggy while the anesthesia was wearing off, but by the end of the day,  they were running around outside!

 Many people brought the girls lots of well-wishes! With all of the loot they recieved, I think they thought the surgery was worth it!

I am glad it is behind us!

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