Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Letters to Santa

Our advent calendar told the kids it was time to write the much anticipated letter to Santa.  
Jane and Sydney felt strongly about writing their own letters this year.  

 Jane asked for new clothes for her doll, skates, and coloring books.

Sydney wants a bike and a "real" scooter.  That means a scooter with two wheels, not three.

Clare took her sweet time and wrote a pretty lengthy letter that included requests for teacher stuff, doll clothes, and surprises!  Three pages!

Then, she took it upon herself to write a letter for Graham.  

I must say it was a pretty thoughtful letter full of things Graham loves!

We recently heard that if you put your letters to Santa in the fireplace, your elf will take the to the North Pole.  We had to try it out!

And, thankfully, they were gone the next day!  Frank came through for us!  I sure hope these kids are on the nice list!

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