Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Cookie Chaos!

For the past several years, we have had a cookie decorating day with the grandmas.  This year was no exception, and I must say, we are getting better!  We made less of a mess, and we got those cookies rolled out, baked, and decorated in no time. We were a well-oiled machine this year!  

The kids had spent the night at my parents' house the night before Cookie Day, and when they arrived, I could see they were Hollywood ready!  LoLo helped them put their movie star make-up on, and they all looked about ten years older.

Frank must've heard us talking about cookie day, because he came ready to work that morning.

First up, we roll out the dough and cut it into shapes. 

Usually this process leaves us with a ton of flour on the floor, but we did pretty good this time.

Graham didn't participate this year.  He hung out with Casey, and I think it was a good call.  Maybe next year, he'll join in on the fun!

After the cookies had baked and cooled, we started decorating.  Lucky for us, Aunt Morgan joined us!  The girls were in awe of her decorating skills! 

Decorating is serious business.

We had two kinds of icing in a lot of colors and sprinkles for days.  Lots of decorating choices.

To help with the detail work, Syd put on her (fake) glasses.

Ta-Da!  Christmas Cookies! 

This is one of my favorite Christmas traditions!

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