Sunday, December 9, 2012

Celebrate Good Times

We have celebrated and celebrated....and celebrated...Jane and Sydney's fifth birthday! We started with a Winter Wonderland party at our house! It was 80 degrees and super windy, but what are you going to do? We could've named it "Windy Wonderland," but I was happy to have the festivities outside.

We had a snowball toss,

took some pictures,

played Pin the Nose on the snowman,

ate a Snowy Snack,

created a Marshmallow Man,

and turned Jane and Sydney into toilet paper snowmen!

And of course, had some some snowman cupcakes!

After our friends left, the girls opened family presents.  Can you see the excitement of getting American Girl Dolls?

On their real birthday, the girls had school.  We took donuts, and I got to stay for chapel.  The girls were quite proud of their birthday hats...and their sprinkle donuts!

I got to see them get their "birthday blessing," and spend some time in each of their classes.

Our last celebration was at our house on the night of their birthday with our little family.  We had a special dinner, opened presents, and had one more birthday cake.

Sydney got the Merida dress, as you can see.

I think we can officially put this birthday in the books!
Love you girls!

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