Saturday, October 27, 2012

Disney Days: Last Day and Heading Home

It was our last day at the parks, and we chose to hit Magic Kingdom again. 

Right after we got there, we lucked into seeing Chip and Dale.

This was our day to do whatever we wanted.  There was no "schedule," and we just rode what we had loved on our first day there.  We hit Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Peter Pan,  It's a Small World, and several others.

It was a hot, crowded day at the park, so we moved pretty slowly! The girls did perk up when they saw a picture of this dwarf who shares a name with their grandfather....Grumpy!  They are giving their best grumpy faces.

After doing everything that the girls had requested and making sure we had the pins we wanted, we decided it was time to leave the park. 

We left with full autograph books, heavy pin lanyards, and memories to last a lifetime!  That evening  Casey and I went out to Downtown Disney.  It was a fun way for the two of us  to end the trip. 

The next day it was time to head home. 

As sad as it was to leave such a magical place, I was super thrilled to be reunited with this little mouseketeer!  Oh man, did we miss him?!

It was a wonderful trip that the kids haven't stopped talking about.  Many, many thanks to Deedee for taking us on this fabulous adventure!

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