Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Disney Days: Day 1

The day had finally arrived!  It was Disney World day!  

We got Graham situated with the grandparents, and the girls, Casey, and I headed off to the airport. It was the girls first time to fly, and they seemed to enjoy it.  They all had lots of questions!  Thankfully, our flight was on time!

Despite her excitement, Syd managed to nod off for a few minutes.

We arrived in Orlando around 5:00, and Deedee was there to pick us up.  We went straight from the airport to Downtown Disney.  The girls took it all in....from the massive Disney store,

 the Lego sculptures (that dragon is made of Legos!), 

to the statues of all of their favorite characters. 

We did a little work on our lanyards with our pins.  If you are not familiar, Disney sells pins that you can trade.  There are pins for everything...rides, parks, characters, holidays, etc.  All of the staff wears pins, and you can ask to trade.  It if a fun little thing that my girls really got into....and ended up with quite a collection!

To top off a very full day, we surprised the girls with dinner with Cinderella at 1900 Park Fare.  
 We met Prince Charming,

Drizella and Anastasia, the step-sisters,

Lady Tremaine, the stepmother (the girls were a little intimidated by her!)

and Cinderella!!!

Prince Charming was the first to sign the girls' autograph books!

The girls enjoyed dinner thoroughly.   How could you not with a giant bowl of gummy bears on the dessert table?

After dinner, we headed to our condo with three tired, star-struck girls!

Next up, Magic Kingdom!

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