Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day, Pre-K

Last week we went to go meet Jane and Sydney's teachers.  They were both so excited.  As soon as Clare started school, they were ready....but they had to wait a week.  Each girl found their classroom, got their folder, and saw who was in their class.  Both of them left that night excited about the first day.

The day finally came!

I could tell Jane was nervous this morning.  She kept telling me her tummy hurt.  I think she had a little first day anxiety.  However, she walked right in sat down and didn't blink an eye. 

At the end of the day, all reports were good.  She knows several people in class and loves her teachers.
Sydney was excited.  She loves to be around people, so school is right up her alley.  She was definitely more reserved than normal when she walked in and found her seat.  She has several friends in her class that were in her class last year.  A familiar face always helps!

She, too, gave a positive report.  She had a great day and is ready to go back!  

Both of the girls' classes do the same things during the day, but in true Sydney fashion, she kept telling Jane all of these really fun things that they did.  None of which were true.  "We made chocolate chip cookies and then ate them."  What a stinker.

It is always nice to have that first day in the books...and I am glad it was a good one!

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