Monday, September 24, 2012

Another Soccer Season

Clare is playing for the Angels for her third season. 

While I am fairly certain that soccer isn't going to pay for Clare's college, she seems to enjoy being part of her team.  She has an excellent coach, and she has made some good friends that go to her school.


When I asked Clare this summer if she wanted to play again, she answered "I don't like getting hot and sweaty."  To which I replied, "You have to do something that makes you hot and sweaty."  So, she picked soccer again. :-)

I enjoy going to the games and watching her play.  Her sisters always seem to find something to do.

Graham spends most of his time trying to walk onto the field. He loves to be outside, no matter what is going on.

Clare has made great improvements in her soccer skills.  Here's to another great season!

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