Friday, August 10, 2012

On Having a Big Family

Growing up, I never dreamed I would have four kids.  When Casey and I were dating, we discussed two, MAYBE three.  I grew up with one brother, and Casey isn't from a large family either.  We had Clare, and things were going as planned.  Then, we found out I was expecting twins, and we were instantly parents of three kids.  

After we had the girls, we decided to fully embrace the bigger family and have one more.  I am so glad we did.  Graham has been such a bright light in our family, and I can't imagine us without him. 

To some, four kids may not be a big family, but before I had any kids, four seemed like a ton.  Now, it is my normal.  To me, it is not just four kids, it's Clare, Jane, Sydney and Graham.  They are each more than just a number, they are an irreplaceable part of our family.

I love thinking about future holidays, and imagining our house full of our kids and their families, a house bustling with activitiy. Kelly Corrigan in The Middle Place, talking about big families, says:

He doesn't know how noise becomes music.  He doesn't know that five or six people can be moving in and out of the kitchen-doing dishes, wrapping leftovers, picking at the pie pan-and you can feel someone squeeze your shoulders and not even need to see who it because any one of them is welcome to give you a little encouraging rub and any one of them would.

I look forward to watching my kids grow up together, and I pray that they will always be close and always love the big family from which they came!


chelsea said...

You guys are really good at being a big family. You are an awesome momma and I admire you!

Hilary said...

Ditto to Chelsea's comment.
Being one of 4 kids is obviously all I know but I really liked it & still do. Just know when it's time for your kids start having's going to be NUTS!

annalee said...

this post is precious and suddenly i want to have ten:)

annalee said...

just kidding about the ten, but i am suddenly overwhelmed with extra thankfulness for the third that is coming. so sweet.