Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Here Lately

 School starts next week and we are taking advantage of the last week of summer.  The girls all got hair cuts! We went to a different place this time, and they thought it was awesome that they got their hair washed.  :-)

Graham is a busy little dude.  He climbs on everything.

He is always quite proud of his climbing accomplishments.

 But with this face, who can be upset with him?


I have to brag on my girls for a minute.  Last week I wasn't feeling well one day.  My girls took such good care of me.  Clare made everyone lunch, cleaned up the kitchen, folded some laundry. and played with Graham.  Jane and Sydney asked me how I was doing all day long, and they were so patient with my less-than-par self.  It gave me hope that they will turn out to be kind, compassionate people.

Now, don't get me started on their behavior this week!!!!

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Monica said...

Sweet girls taking care of Mommy!