Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Frog Prince

Clare participated in a theater camp with the Missoula Children's Theater this past week.  This group travels around and puts on plays in different cities every week.  On Monday, they auditioned and on Saturday they put on two performances.  The musical
this year was The Frog Prince, and Clare was cast as a Venus Fly Trap!

 Throughout the week, the cast rehearsed and prepared for Saturday.

Clare wanted to make sure she was ready in case anyone asked for her autograph! Of course, she signed "Fly Trap." :-)

 Her name in print! 

The play was really well done.  It is amazing that they are able to pull it off in one week.

Clare enjoyed her role as a fly trap.  It was a great role for her theatrical debut!

 It takes a lot of guts to get up there and perform, and we are super proud of our little fly trap!


chelsea said...

The grown-up Eoffs are looking super skinny!!!

Anonymous said...


Lometa said...

We have a star in the family. Go Clare.

Lometa said...

We have a star in the family. Go Clare.

Patti Jones said...

How special is that for such a young little girl - the start of a career for a darling star!!!! Congrats, Clare.