Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Update

Summer is flying by! I can't believe we are past July 4th! Here is a quick look at what we have been up to! 

All of the girls entered the reading program at the library.  When they read 25 books, they get a free book.  Tomorrow, we will go collect our free books!  All three girls have completed this task....some with more encouragement  than others!

We were lucky to have a visit from Mamma!  The kids enjoyed spending time with their great-grandmother. My parents and Mamma were here for a few days, and we had a great time.  So neat for my kids to have fun with their great-grandmother!

We have also been swimming, splash parking, and sprinklering!  The other day I turned Graham loose in the sprinkler. 

He kept going back for more, so I guess he liked it!

Summer is in full swing, and so far, we are having fun.  Not too much longer and we will head too Colorado!

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