Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Little Bit About Graham

Graham is 13 months old....and into everything! 

He hasn't had a real hair cut yet.  I trimmed a little on the sides, but I can't bring myself to cut off these curls.

He is a full-time walker....sometimes a runner!

He always knows what his sisters are doing.  Most often, he wants to be a part of it.

He talks a lot!  He doesn't say a lot of real words, but he has full-on conversations with us in his own language.   He says "uh-oh," "ball," and "woof-woof."

With the exception of the church nursery, he is almost always happy.  He goes with the flow, and is pretty low-key.

Graham still takes two naps a day and sleeps for about 11-12 hours at night.  He does lots of "tricks"....clapping, waving, giving high five, to name a few.

He is at a really fun, busy age...learning new things everyday!

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Deedee said...

sweetest baby boy EVER !!!