Friday, June 8, 2012

First Week of Summer

I blame the first days of summer for my slow blogging week.  We have had a busy first week getting in the groove of summer.  I am trying to make sure a few things get done every day to avoid completely lazy kids.  The girls and I clean one room every day while Graham naps in the morning and we have a little individual reading time for each kid.  Some days these tasks are completed with a smile, while others are less enthusiastic.  In addition from these daily activities, we have had lots of fun!

Last weekend, I enjoyed a shopping day with my mom. So nice!  While I was out, Casey took the kids down to his mom's for some swimming.  Deedee's next door neighbor has a diving board, and our girls took advantage!
Clare is a good little swimmer, and she loved the diving board.

Sydney is fearless and will try anything. She practiced her cannonball, toe touch, and pencil!

Jane is more cautious, but with her puddle-jumper, she went for it!  And I think she loved it!

Reportedly, Graham sat by and watched.  And he was apparently quite entertained by all the jumping.

The rest of our week held swimming lessons, a slumber party with LoLo and Pop, checking out a million books from the library, playing with friends, seeing The Lorax, and going to a splash pool.  We also swam several times and completed a few crafts.  

My friend, Julie, told me about this fun idea....watermelon popsicles!

The girls took cookie cutters to watermelon slices, put them on a popsicle stick, and put them in the freezer.  They had fun creating different shapes, from hearts to Halloween cats!

They were so amazed this afternoon when I let them eat "as many as they wanted to!"

The first week of summer has a been a success.  I am enjoying having the kids home and having a more relaxed schedule.  Here's to more summer fun!

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