Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Something About Everyone

Clare is two days away from being a first grader.
An entire post will be devoted to her end of year festivities.  She is ready for summer, and so am I.  
I am ready to have my girl home!

Sydney spends more than half of her life upside down.  She is constantly cartwheeling, handstanding, hanging, stretching, back bending, what have you.  Anything and everything....except sitting still.

This is Jane's recent depiction of our family. (I think there is one extra!)

She is writing and coloring so well!  It doesn't hurt that everyday after school she is willing to be Clare's student.  Clare has her doing a condensed version of the kindergarten day!  Needless to say, Sydney is rarely willing to be told what to do by her older sister.  So, Jane gets to be the lone pupil.

Last but not least, Graham ate his first popsicle!  Messy doesn't even begin to describe him afterwards, but he didn't seem to mind!  Nothing a dip in the pool won't solve!

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