Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our Camping Attempt

We have been talking with the girls about going camping for several months.  It seemed that something always came, birthday parties, etc.  We finally decided to just camp out in our backyard.  Casey swore to me that it was going to be too hot, but I pushed, and we went for it.

On Friday afternoon, we set up the tent.

The girls had a great time playing in it.

We grilled hot dogs,

built a fire,

and made s'mores.

We played and played and played....until well after dark.Then we declared it time to get ready for bed. We got all of our sleeping bags, blankets, and pillows and set up in our tent.  We get in position to go to sleep, and noticed it was warm, very warm.  The air was hot and still.

After about two minutes, we were all sweating.  After about five minutes, Clare, glistening with sweat,  said, "Can we call this thing off?"  We were all so hot.  We threw in the towel and decided to come in.  Casey hasn't said, "I told you so" yet....but I know he's thinking it.

Maybe we'll try again in the fall???


Deedee said...

Ahhhh - the best laid plans ..... ! But what a fun adventure nonetheless !

Lainey-Paney said...

....been there, done that!

I think most families do the backyard trial run before really get out into the great outdoors!