Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Triple Threat

Jane and Sydney have been taking gymnastics for the past several months. Recently, they got bumped up to the next level. Their new class is after school, which means that Clare is now available to partake. Tuesday was the first day for all of them to be together. 

Lucky for them, they were the only three in the class.

This is more of a "real" gymnastics class than the one Jane and Syd were in before.  "Real" gymnastics means that you get to put chalk on your hands before you get on the bar.  Very exciting stuff for these three.

Clare was excited to get in on a new activity.  She enjoyed the class, and I think she will learn a lot.

Sydney has the right amount of fearlessness to make her a good little gymnast.  Case in point....

Jane has learned so much, and she always loves to teach us the correct way to do things at home. She lacks the fearlessness that Sydney has, but she more than makes up for it with her control.  She is very exact in her movements.

Graham got to cheer his sisters on from the sidelines!

Olympics 2024 here we come!!

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The Kuhlmans said...

Gymnastics is the best! I love little girls in leotards. Glad they're enjoying it.