Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Fickle Fours

Today was "Princess, Pirate, and Superhero Day" at preschool.  Jane and Sydney had been talking about it all week.  Jane wanted to go as Rapunzel, the favorite princess right now, and Sydney was adamant that she was going to go as a pirate.  

Yesterday we gathered all of the pieces to the costumes, had several dress rehearsals, discussed hair styles, and felt well prepared for the exciting day.  Sydney seemed especially proud of her attire.

This morning the girls got up and get dressed. 
Jane put on Rapunzel, or "Rapunzla" as she calls it, and she was feeling beautiful!

Sydney put on her pirate costume, complete with the eye patch that she insisted on.


The girls begin acting silly, the excitement for the day very evident.

And then I could tell Sydney's patch is bugging her.  I assured her that she could wear the costume without the patch.

Sydney went with this for a while, but I could tell she was having second thoughts.
Jane held strong in Rapunzel, never wavering in her decision to be the princess. 

Twenty minutes before we needed to leave, guess what???  Sydney wanted to change.  After making sure she is going to stick with this one, I decide not to fight her on it.  Does it really matter, after all?

So, I sent a very pretty Rapunzel and a very "super" Wonder Woman to school today.

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