Monday, January 9, 2012

Girls, Girls, Girls

I know that girls can be dramatic. And, I know that in their teenage years, they can sport some serious attitudes. I didn't know that it would start at the early ages of four and five.

Clare has picked up some lovely behaviors, I am assuming at school. The eye roll, the back talk, and basically arguing with every direction given to her. These behaviors are exacerbated when she is tired. Take for instance, Friday night. Clare gets upset for some reason. She then starts saying, "No one in this family likes me." Maybe this is where I need some parenting work, but I find this behavior totally annoying. I just want to say, "buck up and get over it." I think this antic is all for attention, and I don't really believe that she thinks no one likes her. But, on Friday, I dug deep, and tried to lend a sympathetic ear.

In Clare's defense, she has done excellent at school.  She is a "pleasure to have in class" according to her latest report card.  Her teacher is always telling me how compassionate she is.  I am so thankful that she is doing so well at school.  I just think she must bottle up all of the nasty behavior for the benefit of those of us at home!

Then, we have Miss Sydney. Half of the sentences out of Sydney's mouth (and that is a lot) begin with the phrase "I am not going to (fill in the blank!)" "I am not going to sleep in my bed." "I am not going to wear that." "I am not having that for dinner." It is so negative and exhausting. We have been working on putting a positive spin on things, and she seems to be doing better.

Jane hasn't really succumbed to the teenage-like attitude yet.  Her most trying behavior is the whining. Oh man, the girl can whine!  This, too, gets worse when she is tired.  She is typically a very kind, caring kid.

All this to say, they are sweet, wonderful little girls whom I wouldn't trade for the world.  I feel very lucky to be raising them, and I am so glad that I get to stay home with them.
But little girls turn into teenage girls. Heaven help us.

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Deedee said...

Your parenting skills are above reproach! I watched in amazement as you and Casey both handled the situation beautifully and with more patience and understanding than I thought was possible. No one would have ever known you wanted to say "buck up and get over it" ! You are an amazing mother and the kids are so blessed to have you. Keep up the good work - could be a tall mountain ahead !