Saturday, January 21, 2012

Deja Vu

I love hand-me-down clothes!  

Jane and Sydney are reaping the benefit of all of Clare's old clothes.
 Clare, November 2008

Sydney, January 2012

It's funny that Clare had enough clothes to dress both twins.  Hmm, perhaps we over-bought???

Clare, January 2009
Jane, January 2012

 I love getting so much wear out of these clothes.  And I think these three wear them well!


Deedee said...

Just as cute the second time around ! We didn't OVERBUY! There is no such thing for the first granddaughter - we were just psychic about your future !!

The Kuhlmans said...

Beau is the happy beneficiary of Linc's old duds, too. Perhaps we were just preparing in advance for our next kids ... no, that's not it. Grandmothers are just overly generous!