Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

Sit down, put your feet up, and make yourself comfortable....this is gonna be a long one!

As we do every year, we began our Christmas celebration at Deedee and Papaw's house on Christmas Eve night.  We were joined by Emme, Grandad, Bryan, Morgan, Heather, and Chris.

Deedee and Papaw surprised the girls with a trampoline in their back yard, which of course, was a big hit.  The weather prevented them from jumping a ton, but they gave it a test run.

The girls were super excited and could hardly contain themselves.  They did manage to sit still to capture this picture though. 

Then it was go time!!!

Clare was thrilled to get the much desired American Girl Doll from Emme and Grandad.  It is so fun to watch the kids get super excited over their gifts.

When we were done there, we loaded up our kids and all of our gifts and headed home.  We had to get ready for Santa!

We did the usual stuff...cookies and reindeer food and then headed to bed so the big man could come.

And he did not disappoint!  
Santa brought Sydney a big princess tent a a hula hoop,

a bike for Jane,

and knowing Jane's inexplicable love for Wendy's, she also got a gift card to Wendy's in her stocking,

a scooter for Clare (and a scooter for her new doll),


and a little push toy for Graham!

Clare told us that she heard the reindeer on the roof during the night.  It sounded like "clippity-clop!"
After we had gone through all of Santa's gifts and stockings, we opened our presents to each other.  Emme and Deedee had taken the girls shopping, so that they could each buy Casey and I a gift.  They were so excited to give them to us.  It was fun to watch them learn that it can be fun to give a gift, as well as receive one. 
Casey scored a new lunchbox from Jane! :-)

Since Christmas fell on a Sunday, we got dressed and went to church.  There we met up with my parents, my grandmother, Nathan, Megan and Brody.  When church was over, we headed to Mom and Dad's house for brunch and more presents!

Graham and Mamma got to be big buds.

The kids were super excited to see these remote control flying balloons from Nathan and Megan.  How fun!

We took our time opening presents, and the kids did really well.
Brody and Sydney are quite a pair.  They have a great time together!

Jane, Sydney and Brody got Leapster Explorers and Clare got  LeapPad, and the kids played with those things all day!

Watch out because Sydney also got a pogo stick!!!

The kids (and the adults) were thoroughly exhausted after all of the festivities, so we headed home after an early dinner.

The magic of Christmas was alive and well at our house this year.  Of course, we had our "I want more presents" and "Why didn't Santa bring me more?" moments.  But most of all, we had a great time spending the holiday together with our family...both our little big immediate family and our extended families. 

Thank you, thank you to all of you who made our Christmas so much fun!

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