Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Super Halloween!

We had a great Halloween!
The girls had numerous chances to show off their costumes...Trunk or Treat, preschool, a birthday party, and trick or treating! 

Clare, Jane and Sydney really got into character this year.  It was so fun to watch.

Supergirl led the pack!  She took the lead marching up to each house to collect her loot.

Batgirl was game for all of the fun...except for wearing her mask.  When one neighbor said, "It's Batman!"  Jane quickly retorted, "I'm BatGUWL!"

Wonder Woman could have covered our entire city.  She booked it to each house and could've kept going for hours.  Too bad for her...the school night prevented us from staying out too late.

And Superman was his usual laid back, happy (very cute) self. 

Superman with a super dad.

This year I noticed how much easier trick or treating is....the girls can walk up to each house by themselves, knock and the door, and say the appropriate thing BY THEMSELVES.  Casey and I were able to hang out by the curb and observe.  What a nice change!

It was a super Halloween, and we have a tremendous amount of candy to prove it!


Jen said...

I looked all day yesterday for the SuperWomen! They are great! I hope they will protect me in time of trouble! Love, Jen

Deedee said...

Fast forward to the future .......
girlfriends of Graham will have to pass the 3 sister test ! And they will still have all their super powers. WOW ! Good luck, buddy!

Misty said...

I love those superhero pics!