Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fair Play

Monday was Fair Day, and we took advantage!  The girls, Deedee, and I headed south to ride rides, eat corny dogs, and enjoy the State Fair of Texas.

Our first stop was the little farm where the girls got to milk cows, plant food, and earn money...a crowd favorite from last year.

Next up...RIDES!


Clare was in a tough spot this year.  She was too tall for some of the kiddie rides and too short for some of the big rides.
We found a few that were just right though!
She and I rode on a few of the bigger rides together. During the rides she was scared to death, but after she was done, she loved them!

And of course, we indulged in some fair food!

It was a fun day with great weather.  Thanks to Deedee for the fun outing and for all of the pictures!

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