Tuesday, September 6, 2011

F.D.O.S, Round Two

Guess who started preschool today???

Jane and Sydney were so excited to start school today.  There has been a lot of "kindergarten talk" around here, so it was nice to have a day to focus on Jane and Sydney!


The girls are in the same class, and they did great today.  Marched in like they owned the place!  It makes it so much easier to leave them when they are smiling and happy!

The girls' backpacks are almost as big as they are!

A big "before your first day of preschool hug" from our favorite preschool alum!

Jane and Sydney both had a great day.  Their teacher said they had fun, and they both came out of the door smiling!  We are looking forward to a fun year of preschool with these two!


Deedee said...

Preschool Princesses - very cute. Glad they had a good day !

Lometa said...

They look so grown up. I'm so glad they had a good day.

Megan said...

Sydney & Jane - we are so proud of you! So glad your first day was wonderful. We love you!