Sunday, July 10, 2011

Twinkle Toes

This summer the girls are taking a  4 session dance class.  They have completed two sessions, and so far, they are loving it!

This is Jane and Sydney's first real "class" to take.  They are thrilled that they get to participate in the action instead of just watching  from the sidelines.

Sydney is a little performer, and she is loving this class.  I often see her talking to her "friends" or telling the teachers who knows what!!!

Is there anything cuter than little girls in leotards?

This little ballerina is doing great.  She loves learning new moves to practice at home.

Clare is in a class for five to seven year olds. 

The first week she was the only student there!  I was worried that she would be intimidated, but she hung in there and loved the "private lesson!"

Summer dance has been a nice (indoor) activity for the girls to look forward to each week!

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