Monday, June 20, 2011

Here Fishy, Fishy!

These three minnows have completed two weeks of swim lessons, and they all did excellent.  Each girl was in a different group, and they all made big progress. 

Sydney was nervous the first day, but after that she really took to the water.  Her lessons, combined with many trips to the pool with her Daddy, have transformed her into quite the little fish.

Clare is really taken with our most frequent summer activity!  She can swim across the pool and is enjoying her freedom in the water.  Yet another sign of this little girl growing up!

Jane is still fairly cautious in the water, but her skills are really coming along.  She learned a lot during the last couple weeks, and I know she will continue to get more and more comfortable as the summer goes on.  

 I have to give lots of credit to Casey for taking the girls to the pool whenever they ask which has really helped them improve.

All three girls got glowing reports from their teachers and had a great time during swim lessons!

Not to leave anyone out....this is how Graham spent most of our swim lesson time!

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