Monday, April 11, 2011

The Waiting Game

I have officially entered the phase of pregnancy that I refer to as "I AM READY!" I don't mean that the house is clean or that the laundry is done, but I am ready to meet little Graham and begin our life as a family of six.

While we wait for the big day to arrive, we are staying busy.

The girls had a slumber party at Deedee's. I love this picture of all of them laughing.

It seems like Clare spends most of her time with a baby doll in her arms....especially since we got all of the baby stuff from the attic. The girls LOVE playing with the swing, carrier, bouncy seat, etc. Let's just hope all of these things are still fully functional when the real baby actually arrives!

We've been painting a lot.

Bunny masks and...

... the driveway!

I still have a little more than two weeks until Sir Kicks-A-Lot is scheduled to make his appearance. Surely, we can find more stuff to do to fill our days until then!


Morgan Eoff said...

I AM READY TOO!! Tell G to give me a heads up so I know when to come home :)

Vesti said...

"Sir Kicks-A-Lot..." I LOVE IT! Why didn't I think of that one?! :) Can't wait to "meet" him!

Deedee said...

"family of six" has a great ring. Bubba Graham - we are all eager to meet you.

Shanta said...

Oh man! We are sooo ready for Graham! I love that name! We miss you Hayley! Your girls are gorgeous and full of good times. P.S. We went poopy! Just a matter of time, I guess...We will pray for a safe arrival of Baby!