Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Meeting

After I was settled in my room with Graham, the girls came up to meet their new little brother!

They were cautious at first, but have quickly warmed up to the little guy.

Clare gave Daddy a high five...."Good job, Daddy!"

Clare was the only one who wanted to hold him on his first day. She looks pleased as punch to be a big sister again. Her love of holding him has only grown from day one.

The next day the girls wore their new big sister shirts. This picture proves that plans for a great picture don't always goes as planned!

At first Sydney seemed mostly uninterested. However, today she decided to hold him, and she did great!

Jane has been a little sad the past few days. She has had a lot of change thrown at her. She did enjoy holding Graham for a bit yesterday. I think she will be glad when everyone is under one roof again.

The first picture of me with my four kids!

Graham and I head home tomorrow....and the real adventure begins!


Deedee said...

Love the new header - perfect !! WELCOME baby Graham - we love you beyond words. You have the BEST big sisters in the whole wild world.

Samantha said...

CONGRATS! I was thinking about you all morning on Thursday. Graham is ADORABLE and I'm sure the girls are smitten with him already! Lila was excited to see pics of Clare holding her new brother.. so cute! Can't wait to meet him in person!
Love ya!
Sam (and Lila)