Wednesday, April 6, 2011

American Girl

One of Clare's birthday gifts was a gift card to the American Girl store. She had never been to the store before, but had been told how amazing it was.

The day finally came today. Emme, Clare, Izzy (the Bitty Baby) and I set out for the store. Here is Clare with Izzy.
The whole American Girl phenomenon is new to me. Holy Cow....these people have thought of everything. There is every accessory, outfit, activity, you name it for these dolls. Clare was in Heaven looking at all of her choices, running from display to display.

Here she is posing with the newest doll's life-size snow cone stand.

We enjoyed a nice lunch in the American Girl Bistro. Of course, Izzy gets her own seat...

...and her own lemonade!

After looking through all of the choices, Clare actually made her decisions fairly quickly. She selected some new onesies and a diaper bag full of little diaper bag necessities!

Of course, half the fun is showing off your new stuff to your sisters! Clare would make Sydney and Jane close their eyes before she would pull out each item from her diaper bag. " wipes!"

It was such a fun outing for Clare, and she is already asking when she can go back!


Deedee said...

How fun ! Sounds like a great place to go in the Texas heat this summer ! I LOVE that Jane and Syd still do what Clare asks them to - wonder how much longer that will last !! What precious sister memories.

Vesti said...

I can't believe how "grown up" she looks! And, is! Happy belated Birthday Clare!

The Kuhlmans said...

You'll be broke it you hang out there very often . . . Casey, fork over the college fund!!!