Monday, March 7, 2011

Jane and Sydney

It is so fun to watch these two grow up!
And it seems that they are growing at Mach speed!

I wish I could say that I remember this age (below) like it was yesterday, but honestly, it is all a blur! I just know that it certainly does go fast!

(Sydney and Jane at 5 months old)

Jane and Sydney are so different, but love each other so much. They require such different styles of parenting that, at times, it is a challenge, but one I wouldn't trade for the world.

With Jane, I feel like we have to nudge her toward independence. She is most comfortable with her Mommy and is slower to adjust to change.

With Sydney, I feel like we could give her the car keys and she would head to college and never look back. We have to reign in her independence! She wants to do EVERYTHING, and can talk her way into quite a bit!

They both are so funny. Jane is constantly asking, "Are you just joking?" if someone says something silly. She makes the cutest facial expressions and has a great little laugh!

Sydney knows what makes us laugh, and she is quite the performer! She still loves to snuggle up with Mom and Dad, and we still love that. She is constantly talking and narrating life for us. She makes up "beautiful songs," as she calls them, and sings them in the car all of the time. She is so full of energy and keeps me smiling!

It seems like everyday I am reminded of how big these two are getting. They are in big beds; they are potty trained; they can dress themselves; they will start preschool in the fall...what big girls!

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Deedee said...

Graham will certainly know how to handle most females once he has grown up with these two plus Clare and Mom!