Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine Dates with Daddy

As a special treat for Valentine's Day, Casey took each girl out for ice cream.

Clare got to go first on Sunday night. She was excited about the whole idea and excited that she got to go first. She has a couple of dollars that she carries around in her purse, and she asked if she could pay for the ice cream. I told her that boys are supposed to pay on dates!

Sydney went on Monday night, and asked me about 2000 times during the day when she was going to get to go. Apparently, in the car on the way there, she told Casey she didn't want to listen to music, she just wanted to talk! I am sure Casey was thrilled!

Jane got to go tonight! She got the blue, birthday cake ice cream...just like Sydney and Clare.

What a treat for the girls! I know they loved their special time with Daddy!


Lometa said...

That is really special for all of them!

Julie said...

What a great dad! Next year you can have a date with baby boy!

Kim said...

How sweet! Love that idea!

Deedee said...

Lucky girls !