Sunday, February 13, 2011

Funny Stuff

Jane has several pairs of pants where the waistband folds over. The other day she was wearing a pair of black "yoga" pants that has one of these waistbands. She unfolded the waistband, pulled it up over her belly, and said, "Look, I am wearing Mommy pants."


Sydney, who is terrified of most animals, told us the other day, she wants to get a cat and name it Judy.


Today at church, I was trying to identify someone for Casey. He said, "Is that the guy with a ton of kids?" Yes, he has four...JUST LIKE WE WILL IN A COUPLE OF MONTHS!!!!!


Clare came out of her Bible class with a bag of several Hershey kisses. In the car, she said, "I am supposed to give these to someone I love, but I am just going to eat them all." (In her defense, she did give one to her cousin, Brody.)

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The Kuhlmans said...

Oh, I needed to laugh right about now. Thanks for that!